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Below a bunch of projects i've done already.
With a lot of my clients i have a longterm relationship. This means that there happens a lot which is not mentioned here.
OrtelMobile, de BouwmarkConcurrent, QuizNight en MediaInc are a few of them. Social feeder engine where existing websites are connected via plugins, xml feeds or crawlers and their content is uploaded automatically to their Social media profiles.
There is also the possibility to obtain a responsive website and a native app. This site is handed over to me by an existing customer. The original developer did not succeed and had no knowlegde of the payment system which needed to be implemented also.
In 3 days everthing worked and the site was up & running. This website is the same as another one below. This customer wanted one engine which could be copied to other projects and this is the first spin-off. For this site i created the online payment part with the Rabobank.
Downside was that this whole website was written in ASP3.0 and the payment part needed te be in ASP3.0 also.
Since this is a pretty old version there was totally no support from the payment provider. But it went well after all. Redesign of a existing website.
De original site existed of hundreds seperated frames, pages, stylesheets, scripts and other crap.
This is now one template with several include files, organized scripts and one stylesheet for the whole site. Een Content Management System created for a local business directory in Bali, Indonesia.
Via the related website companies from different branches can be found. The cms wil be used by local citizen who own a company. The website for the business directory. All created profiles can have their own keywords which make them easy findable by the search engines.
http://www.modelsinc/ Casting agengy
This website has a very sophisticated backoffice with numerous possibilities to find the right persons from a database which holds over 60.000 profiles A nice and simple site with a bit AJAX and DHTML. Different javascripts are obtained from
Maintenance is done by the DevIT CMS. A little add-on done on a existing project. A lottery is added where participants of the Pubtrivia Quiznight can buy thier lottery tickets. After adding a little extra in the existing CMS the winners can be random selected This customer wanted a website which did not load the complete site after clicking a link.
This job was earlier assigned to another (mid sized) company. They started in Flash but did not succeed mainly because the 'awesome' navigation.
The job was done by making use of AJAX which was bleeding edge at that time. We are talking 2007.
This website also used the easy DevIT CMS. A international oriented website. 9 languages in 5 countries.
Those websites are going much further then just showing content. Customer can also register and even activate their simcarts. This is required in some countries.
Also doing topups, buy vouchers and everything which a Telco needs is build into the website and / or the backoffice's which i created also together with the part which is used by the customer support centers. Website for a Consultancy club. Not much to say about. The cms part is worth mentioning. This needed to have the look and feel of the website so they know what part of the content they are changing. Dit was een manier van cms'sen die ik nog niet eerder was tegengekomen. A website where pub owners can hold the scores which their customers achieved in the Pubtrivia quizzes. For this e-commerce i have written the basket and checkout. One of the parts was integration with the payment provider Bibit.
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